The New Year...

🍻***Happy New Year***🍻

Since moving to Texas to work on my master's in jazz composition at UT Austin, things have been busy. Turns out, grad school is a lot of work. Instead of letting all that work collect cyber dust inside my hard drive, I've decided to share it with the world...!

This semester I focused on writing more pieces for jazz orchestra, which resulted in the premiere of three original compositions for big band. If you're interested in hearing some live recordings of my new pieces (along with the scores), check it out on the big band project page. I also wrote a few things for smaller ensembles, like this one. --->

I also completed a project involving the transcription and analysis of multiple and jazz solos, which was a bunch of (valuable and character building) work. So, for the nerdy music-types, you can peep that on my transcription project page. There's a transcription of a pretty awesome Miguel Zenon solo if that entices anyone...

Also, a brief update on Monkier, the hip-hop/jazz band that I write, play, and rap in... While having multiple members in grad school in varying states makes live performance difficult, we're continuing to write new material and are discussing recording plans down the road. Updates shall come as they happen. In the meantime, enjoy the album we put out last year

In summary, my first semester of grad school had been great, and I intend to make subsequent semesters even better. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying my last week back home before I go get back to work in Austin.  👍👍👍